About IDRAC France

IDRAC France

We are delighted that you are considering pursuing your studies at IDRAC Business School.


Our philosophy of extraordinary education is first and foremost about enabling our students to navigate the professional world so that they can learn about themselves, pinpoint their strengths, and unlock their potential for leading extraordinary careers.


It is also about providing them with insight into the realities of the corporate world so that they can “put words” to their specific skills, preferences, and ambitions.


Choosing to attend IDRAC Business School also means choosing a different approach to learning and to meeting future career challenges. IDRAC Business School has 9 campuses in 8 cities of France – Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Paris, and Toulouse. It is continuing the international expansion it embarked on more than 50 years ago and now has five associate campuses in Cork and Dublin, Ireland, Barcelona and Santander, Spain, and Brno, Czech Republic.


You are welcome to visit this website. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the programs available at IDRAC Business School for international students.


Once again, welcome to IDRAC Business School and welcome to France.