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About IDRAC India

Welcome to IDRAC India

The mission of IDRAC India is to educate future executives to an outstanding level. Founded in 1965, the school offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Management, Marketing, Business, Finance, and International Management.


IDRAC Business School’s philosophy of extraordinary education is first and foremost about enabling students to navigate the professional world so that they can learn about themselves, pinpoint their strengths, and unlock their potential for leading extraordinary careers.


Thanks to IDRAC Business School’s close ties with local economic players, students and alumni benefit from a powerful and inspiring network of companies. Our strength lies in its combination of lecture and hands-on learning. Business games, internships, and group works provide students with the knowledge, expertise, and life skills needed to develop professional skills.


Each semester our students work on academic projects in the 2500 companies in our network. Join IDRAC India and develop new ways of thinking as well as an innovative vision to shape your career.


WHY IDRAC Business School:


• In the POST BAC level, IDRAC was ranked 7th in the year 2014 and consistently has been among the top ranks since then.

• Programs taught in ENGLISH.

• European Accreditation DEGREES.

• 95 Partners Universities in 40 countries.

• 10 Campuses in France 04 Campuses in Europe/ Asia-Cork-Santander- Brno and Pune.