French National Day – Celebrated at IDRAC Business School, France – India Campus


On the occasion of French National Day-La Fete Nationale; IDRAC Business School France – India Campus celebrated the day with enthusiasm. 14th July 1789 – is a pivotal day in French history as on this day, the people of France begin the French revolution to change their destiny. The modern world today is benefitting from the fruits of the french revolution.
The values of liberty, equality, fraternity, self-governance, right to vote, right to representation, right to debate, and many more such fundamentals are born from the french revolution. Hence, each year 14th July is celebrated not only in France but in many other countries.

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IDRAC Business School, France – India Campus organized an interesting competition on this occasion for their students. The objective of the competition was to develop the student’s understanding of the significance of French National Day.Teams composed of 2 students and a mentor from IDRAC Business School participated in this competition. And, they were required to come up with their presentation in any best possible form based on the importance of French National Day and present the same to juries; who were faculties from IDRAC France. Every team performed superbly in this event and presented their best research-based presentation to the juries; thus, leaving the juries with confusion to choose the best.

Prof. Braggs and Prof. Sujata Patil were the chief guests and the judges for the event. They not only evaluated the students on their performance but also enlightened them with their knowledge and experiences.

Mr. Charudatta Bodhankar, Trustee and Executive Director of IDRAC Business School – India Campus also praised the students for their efforts. He also addressed the students and explained how the foundations of two great and distinctive nations are based on the same pillars of Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity. Mr. Bodhankar also highlighted the values and similarity between Indian Freedom Fight and French Revolution with Economic, Social and political angles attached to it.

In her address, Ms. Benedict Ferve, Director – International Developments FIGS Education France expressed her gratitude towards the zealous and passionate celebration of the French National Day at IDRAC India Campus and proudly mentioned that the India Campus is a little piece of France in India Pune. She highlighted the two very basic objectives of Bastille Day; The Value of Freedom and the Celebration of Unity of people.

Professor David Parker, Associate Project Director, IDRAC was quoted saying, the Bastille day has an untold story behind it – there were two different thought processes in France at that time. One who fought for freedom and the other who fought for unity. Both of them concluded with a common agenda of Federation of Republic in France, which eventually got accepted throughout France.

Post that a Bon Appetit feast was organized. The Highlighting moment of the event was when everyone came together and by cheering up Vive La France released the helium balloons in the air as a symbol of liberation and celebration.

Ms. Benedict Ferve, Mr. David Parker, Mr. Charudatta Bodhankar and Alumni of IDRAC India Campus – who are shaping their careers in France, graced the virtual event and
enlightened the students on the significance of French National Day in history. The students and the alumni expressed their gratitude towards IDRAC and its faculty members as it has proven to be a pivotal change to their careers. The alumni shared their views on – the experience of National Day in France, the importance and history of the day, France as a destination for studies, Life and Cultural Experience in France, etc.

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