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Should you consider pursuing a master’s degree from abroad during Covid

Should you consider pursuing a master’s degree from abroad during Covid

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we live in a highly globalized world, and we all can come out of this situation with the support of each other. Everything might look doom and gloom at this moment, but the silver lining is that it shows us how flexible and adaptive humans are.

With every sector experiencing a drastic change in the working and operational scenario; education is the segment which has been experiencing a huge transformation. When it comes to higher education; majority of educational institutions / universities / colleges in India are operating through wired or online education these days. But there are also multiple challenges to the various contributors involved in this and they vary from its role or aspiration of the contributor. Like, for Educational Institutions, arranging for the infrastructure to accommodate the online education, training the staff with some basics, restructuring the entire academic calendar, realigning the theoretical and practical subjects etc. From a student’s perspective, frankly through online modules they are feeling like their education is on a toss. 

But as it is said, a true leader always knows how to make the best out of the bad. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing global unemployment figures to rise to unprecedented levels, a recent analysis by a job platform Totaljobs suggests two-thirds of unemployed people are using this time to reevaluate their career choices. 

In the same report, 70 percent of workers said they are considering changing career paths entirely, with more than half driven by the desire to either challenge their potential or learn a new skill set. In the competition to retain their opportunities, many are now considering the value of higher education and the benefits it offers when it comes to lifelong learning, improved skill sets, and better income opportunities.

Experts have stated that this could be the best time to explore your interest and to pursue a master’s program. With the fast-paced globalization and the cutthroat competition, having a master’s degree will become basic eligibility for any job prospect shortly. While nobody can offer a prediction as to how the global economy will change in the next 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months, having an awareness of industry and market trends is as important as keeping your finger on the pulse of the employment market.

This is precisely what makes pursuing a globally recognized MBA program at IDRAC an advantageous move right now. With a legacy of over 55 years, 9 campuses in 8 cities of France, and 25000+ Alumni from across the globe, IDRAC Business School is a top-ranked B-School in France.

IDRAC Business School’s Pune Campus is the 1st offshore campus of the group in India. It offers RNCP Level 1 Certified 120 ECTS credited postgraduate programs in:

  • MBA in Wine Industry Management 
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Computer Science & Information system

Along with the unmatched academic excellence IDRAC Business School’s Pune Campus offers a unique 3C model through which India Students can pursue their first year of master’s program in 7-8 months in the India Campus and can save up to 18000 Euros in academic and living costs.

Details of the 3C Model:

3C Advantages of IDRAC India Campus:

Cost Advantage: Save up to 18000 Euros in academic and living costs. The IDRAC India Twin City model enables Indian students to complete the MBA program in a shorter span of 18 months as compared to 24 months. As the first 60 ECTS syllabus is covered in India, students save 1 year of Academic and Living costs.

Considering 2 year academic and living expenses in France the overall budget for MBA programs is pegged at INR 35-40 Lakh.

For students enrolling at the IDRAC India Campus considering the Program Fee of 17500 Euros i.e. INR 14 Lakh and Living Cost Budget of around INR 7 Lakh, the total budget comes to around INR 21 Lakhs which is almost 40% lower as compared to going directly to France

Career Advantage: Along with the 60 ECTS business management syllabus, the IDRAC India campus also trains its students in the French language. With the guidance of French Faculties and delegates, students get acclimatized to the French academic, social, cultural, legal, and professional environment. This enables a smoother transition in their academic and professional journey.

Comfort Advantage: IDRAC India Campus provides students with a better understanding of the student visa process, CAF, and other benefit programs. Also, the peer support structure and networking with alumni render support in terms of internships, career opportunities, and logistics.

To know more about our programs visit, or connect us at 7720099106

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