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Step by Step Guide to prepare your arrival in France.

Step by Step Guide to prepare your arrival in France.

Do you plan to apply to or have been taken admission to any school in France? This blog will provide you with all the essential information to smoothen your transition to France.

Every year thousands of students around the world choose France to pursue their studies, and the most common problem faced by these international students is the lack of knowledge about the procedures and functioning of Universities and Govt. Policies. 

That’s why it is advisable to prepare before starting your journey. In this blog, we will provide the step by step guide to smoothen your arrival in France. 

Step 1: 

Start looking for accommodation in advance

Before you arrive in France, remember to book temporary lodging until you can find a permanent place to stay. It will not only help you to settle in smoothly but will save the last-minute uncertainties. There are many online portals and community pages like Indian in France, which helps in finding accommodation in the budget in France. 

Step 2:  

Get your VISA at least one month before you arrive in France. 

After gaining confirmation from the institute about the admission, you should apply for VISA immediately and should get it at least one month before to avoid last-minute hassle and stress. This will also give you plenty of time to rectify your documents, in case of any misshapen. 

Step 3: 

Prepare your important documents

Don’t forget to keep the required documents ready with you. Below is a list of documents that you may require during your stay in France:

  • Visa
  • Passport/ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage or PACS certificate
  • Health Insurance Card 
  • Relevant medical documents
  • All relevant qualifications/diplomas certificate

Step 4

Learn French

Learning the basics of French should be very important in your preparation. It will help you to communicate with local French communities and will smoothen your immigration and stay. It will also increase your chances of getting better part-time opportunities and internships.

Step 5

Reporting and Submission of Documents

Once you arrive in France, report to the school during working hours. Submit the required documents (like photocopies of Inscription, Passport, Visa, and academic records). 

Step 6

Get two important documents – OFIE and CVEC

These documents are required for your official residency and student status in France. OFIE is the validation of visas and would allow you to travel across the Schengen Region. CVEC is registering as an international student and paying for the student services offered in France which would be required by the institution for issuing you official French documents (like Student Card, and Scolarité). Note: CVEC can be done before arriving in France once you have your visa.

Link for guidelines for OFIE:

Link for guidelines for CVEC:

Step 8

Set up an International Bank Account 

Holding an International bank account can be very useful, especially for paying bills in the initial phase. Though it is advisable to open an account in a local bank in France. It will be very helpful in paying rents and withdrawing cash for small purchases.

Step 9

Register for Student Social Security

France offers free general medical care and concessional special medical care for all international students. However, this process takes time which is about 3-6 months, hence travel insurance is necessary.


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