University Exchange Program France – India

IDRAC Business School, Pune India privileged to conduct & coordinate the University Students exchange program for international and societal development projects of the French School, 3A Lyon.

The academic exchange was executed during the first semester From Oct 2022 to Jan 2023 by IDRAC Business Schoo, Pune , India for the 3 rd year bachelor students Mr Augustin Chervin & Mr Jules Poullain.

Because of the enormous development in the technology & speed of change whole world is experiencing Global Village kind of environment. Hence it is essential fo r Management students to experience & explore educational opportunities in some other part of the world. Although for short duration such a program not only add values to their academic knowledge but also helps them to develop their attitude and approach which intern helps them to better equipped for future challenges. Keeping this in mind IDRAC Business School, India Pune defined four major objectives for this program. Which are academic or intellectual advances, intercultural sensitivity, personal goals, and professional benefits. This exchange program provided students an opportunity to study in a different country and professional environment experiencing the socio – economical progress, culture & lifestyle of the society as a whole.

During the first part of the exchange program the students actively participated in various academic in-house sessions at IDRAC on Consumer Behavior, Marketing Plan, Business English, and Dynamic Interaction. These sessions allowed them to understand the fundamentals of the subject matter and also helped them to tune themselves with Indian education system. During these sessions students interacted with Indian students, faculties & staff members openly which made them better understand the Indian environment & the expectations from the institute.

In second part of the exchange program both the students were counseled by senior academician Prof. Vivek Keskar,Head Academics ( IDRAC Business School, Pune , India ).This counseling helped students to position themselves for participating in the one month experiential learning internship program at reputed social & environmental NGO’s in Pune. This guidance also helped them to define the internship profile & further course of action. After mutual consent, it has been decided that both of them would work with social enterprise Samuchit Enviro Tech, Pune & Orjabox ,Pune for six weeks.Prof.Vivek Keskar arranged &coordinated interview with Samuchit Enviro Tech for both the students.Sumuchit Enviro Tech is an environmental and social enterprise working in India since 2005, based on waste transformation from biomass in biochar fuel(To transform vegetable waste in to coal). The company is involved in several projects around the world either as service or product providers or as consultants. Both the students participated actively in the experiential learning internship program
under the guidance & mentorship of Dr Priyadarshini Karve Founder of Samuchit Enviro Tech & Ms Vishakha Chandhere Founder of Orja Box. Orja Box is the
company who promote a energetic and sustainable way of cooking especially solar. At both the organizations the students not only learned about their

products and services of the respective companies but also actively participated in various marketing & communication activities with the major stake holders.
They were also part of handing digital marketing activities & community connecting events. Both the founders of the companies were more than happy &
satisfied about the participation & performance of the students during this internship process.

Apart from academics & professional internship programs both students travelled in some part of India during their free time to better understand the cultural
heritage of India & also participated in the festivals like Diwali & Makar Sankranti during their stay in India. This had given them a chance to understand the Indian way to celebrate the festival & various attributes of Indian families & society at a large. Overall exchange program was extremely successful & added immense value to the knowledge, experience & skills of the participated students and we are sure it would definitely helpful to them for facing the future challenges & achievement of career objectives.

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