Why pursue a Bachelor’s degree from abroad – Pro’s and Con’s

Why pursue a Bachelor’s degree from abroad – Pro’s and Con’s

Students get confused on whether to go for a bachelor’s program overseas or to go for a master’s program. Choosing an overseas education program is an experience of a lifetime, but it can be considerably more rewarding if done at the right stage of your career. There are both pros and cons to both, and it is advisable to consider both sides before making any decision.

Pros of Pursuing a graduate degree from Abroad

Overseas admissions are more holistic. 

In India admission to any reputed graduate is highly competitive and marks-oriented. It is very difficult to get admission to renowned universities even if you have been a bookworm all along.

However, universities abroad are quite diverse and focus on the overall development and deliver great quality education empowering you with a more skill-oriented education.

Overseas education is more application-based 

Education system in foreign countries is more application and industry oriented. Summer projects and internships are an integrated part of the curriculum and give students a chance to learn from the experts and qualified professionals.

You gain a global perspective

Students who study abroad develop a well-informed mindset and wider perspective towards other cultures and people. You will form a multinational perspective that will help you face modern challenges and come up with innovative solutions in the future. You will graduate with a richer set of experiences that will allow you to think more creatively.

Cons of Pursuing a graduate degree from Abroad

The Language Barrier

You might face difficulties securing part-time work if you don’t have basic proficiency in the language. English is certainly an international tongue but will not help you while interacting with the locals. 

You might experience homesickness

While adjusting with the new environment away from your family and friends, you might start questioning your decision and feel homesick somedays. Setting up a new life from scratch is as stressful as it is exciting. But the good thing about homesickness is that it’s temporary.

But, if you get an opportunity to complete bachelor’s by any twin city associated with an overseas education institute it’s always going to be beneficial as there will be very less chances of getting through the lengthy admission processes and prerequisite (IELTS, TOFEL etc). 

Like the Twin City model for Bachelors in Marketing caters to your need for an international degree without much hustle. It eases the journey of students both in India and France. 

The 3C Advantages offered by the IDRAC India Campus not only give you a chance to opt for quality education but also an adaptable environment and support which will make your dream of pursuing your bachelors from abroad true.


Acclimatization: Joining the college in Pune, away from their hometown helps students to adapt and acclimatize to the new phase of their life and avoid emotional stress of homesickness.

Students can conveniently reach out to friends and family members while they are learning to stay on their own during the first year. 

Adaptation: Interactive sessions with guest and visiting faculties from IDRAC France, French Multinational Companies in India & French Fraternity in India provide students with in-depth understanding of the French academic, cultural and professional environment.

Experts from reputed organizations like Campus France and Alliance Française provide students with a clear understanding of the Student Visa Process, CAF and various student support & benefit programs offered by the French Government. 

Accommodation and Peer Support Structure: und IDRAC India Campus also facilitates accommodation arrangements in Pune and France. The peer support structure and networking with IDRAC alumni render support in terms of internships, part-time jobs and career opportunities. 

These factors enable a comfortable and confident start to the academic and professional journey of the students. 


Double Accreditation: 

IDRAC’s Bachelors in Marketing and Business program has the Visa Accreditation-the highest academic accreditation from Ministry of Higher Education France and RNCP Level-1 from Ministry of Labour (Employment).

Frencil Multilingual Skills: 

Training & Certification of French language strengthens students’ profile for part-time jobs, internships and final placements. It also opens doors to better career and master’s opportunities for graduate students.

Fast-track Careers:

This Program enables students to graduate 1 year earlier as compared to most other institutes offering 4 year Bachelor in Marketing and Business Management programs.


The Twin City Model: Pursuing Year I at India Campus renders considerable savings in academic and living costs.

Save Time & Money: Students enrolling through the IDRAC India campus graduate a year earlier and save approximately INR 11 lakh i.e. 22% lower as compared to the avg. cost of a 3 year Bachelor Program from France. The money saved can be used by the students in further academic, professional or entrepreneurial endeavours..

Scholarships: Deserving students are awarded with scholarships and grants from various organizations like Institut Francais. Aspiring students can get details of over 500 scholarships available for higher studies in France, on the Campus France website.

Moreover, this module opens doors to opt for PG education or exploration of Career opportunities with relatively ease on any foreign soil. This always will be a cost saving option also.

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